May 02

¨Lefrenk - Throught The Clouds (Original Mix) Free download¨

Here the third old track of the week in free download. Enjoy!!

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May 01

¨Lefrenk - Moments (Original Mix) Free download¨

Here the second old track of today in free download. Enjoy!!

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¨Lefrenk - Sun And Shadow (Original Mix) Free download¨

Here an old track in free download. Enjoy!!

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Apr 27

Out now exclusive in Beatport ¨LKS - Inception (Lefrenk Remix)´

Here my last techno remix for the Greek artists LKS.

Click in the pic for beatport link.


Time to heat things up little bit. PFL presents LKS latest work ¨Casual Conversations¨ with tremendous techno vibes, darkest melodies , evil drums and moogs. Includes two original tracks ¨Casual Conversations¨ & ¨Inception¨ with mindshaking remixes from DASO, Les Limaces, Lefrenk, Aiora and Yankat.


¨Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Schwindelig (Lefrenk Remix)¨

Here my remix of Kollektiv Turmstrasse; click in the pic for listen.

Apr 13

¨New Beatport Chart: Lefrenk´s Connections¨

My last favorite tracks. Click in the pic for see the chart.


¨Lefrenk - Spica / Celeste Ep (2012) Incl. remixes by Tomi Chair and Dennis DeSantis.¨

Click in the artwork for beatport link, too in other stores (Itunes, What People Play, Juno, Amazon…)

[Tulipa032] Lefrenk – Spica / Celeste Ep (2012) Incl. remixes by Tomi Chair and Dennis DeSantis.

01. Spica (Original Mix)
02. Celeste (Original Mix)
03. Spica (Tomi Chair Mellow Tech Mix)
04. Celeste (Dennis DeSantis Remix)
05. Spica (Tomi Chair Deep Dub mix) Exclusive Free Download in Souncloud.



Lefrenk ventures inside the trenches of a nectarine maze. Possibilities are flourishing within this timely, blooming work. He casually brushes together a powerful EP titled Spica / Celeste for the Tulipa Recordings library. Lefrenk has paved the silver brick path leading toward a revolutionary sound engulfed in passion and fortitude. The songs leap to life, forming a wall of shear musical genius.

Spica whistles boldly in the ears. Lefrenk has composed a melody that could tug at the coldest of hearts. A warm bassline and subdued groove support the entwined notes. Celeste explodes with tempting vocal snippets. This number slides its way into the drifting soul. Feet may move. Dancefloors may smolder. Tomi Chair lends his intuitive talents, bringing a soulful touch into the portrait. He paints a nostalgic picture of dreams gone awry. Maestro Dennis DeSantis revises Celeste into his own brilliant piece. Dennis has added a spine tingling sphere of beauty to the track. He has polished it off with a robust bassline and crystalline percussion.

Lefrenk’s journey down the musical path has led him into Tulipa Recordings territory. Spica / Celeste earns its place firmly. Lefrenk’s craft is becoming highly refined and it clearly shows with this release.

2012 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Hanna Mese ‘Meshe’


Funk D’Void – 9/10 Loving Dennis remix, his basslines are pure heaven!

Roland M. Dill – Spica is very cool, thanks a lot!

Cosmic Cowboys – Tomi’s remix for us, thanks!

Abyss – 10/10 love it! my next set for inner vision radio in april

Cid Inc. – Spica original mix for me.

Prudo (Alfa Romero) – love this release, max support!

Martin Garcia – Good stuff. Thanks

Markus Schulz – downloading for Markus thanks

Silinder – 9/10 thanks [:)]

Fady Ferraye – nice ep.

Alex & Filip – Loving this! So gentle and warm! Really emotionl music!

Luke Porter – I like Spica

Rulers Of The Deep – 10/10 very good stuff here.. full support!

James Kameran – Spica for me thanks!

Darin Epsilon – Beautiful sounds in ‘Celeste’ and also digging this Tomi Chair remix.

T-Lectual – Great pack, nice tranquil tunes. Tomi Chair will work nice on a dancefloor

Rodskeez – Tom Chair Remix for me. Thx! ^^

Dark Soul Project – tom chair remix sounds really good, nice groove!

Rich Curtis – Celeste has the perfect combo of melody and nasty percs

Luke Mandala – Dennis DeSantis Remix for me.. Thanks

Sonic Union – Originals for me here. Very strong stuff!

Marcelo Vasami – good stuff thanks.

Nomean – 10/10 I really like Celeste original and the Dennis DeSantis remix. Both are well produced!

David Granha – Amazing originals by Lefrenk, love it

Nick Stoynoff – 10/10 Denis DeSantis and Tomi Chair remixes for me…Still rocking those DeSantis tracks from Howell’s Miami GU! [:)]

Daniel Mehes – mellow and unique release! spica original is my fav!

Sun H – Great sound

Issac – Nice Package, Thanks!

Cactus Twisters – Spica for us, very nice, thanks.

Sasha Le Monnier – nice early laid back grooves here, thanks!

Artur Reimer – lovely melodies and sweet grooves! nice atmosphere in this tunes! my favourite is celeste…. but all of them are nice! thanks

Andrea Fissore – Great release! will support! thanks

Nick Varon – Another nice release [:)]

Simon Firth – 10/10 Both mixes of Celeste are stunning,Spica aint bad either..

Gerardo Boscarino – lovely mellow music. will play

Universal Language – will support the Tomi Chair remix, thank you!

Valeria Croft – Lefrenk – Spica (Tomi Chair Remix) is nice:)

Will McGlone – 9/10 Very lush EP here. Brilliant! I will be supporting every track on here especially Spica!

Triumph – Nice release! Celeste original and spica remix are great!

Feb 20

¨Sasha - Cut Me Down (Lefrenk Unofficial Remix) Free Download¨

Now in my Soundcloud the free download of ¨Sasha – Cut Me Down (Lefrenk Unofficial Remix)¨ Click in the photo for download.

Feb 16

¨Re-Edited/Remastered versions of the EP [DD004] in Bandcamp¨

This is our last release of 2011 in our label ¨Deep Different¨(Ikke Alra and me), now here the remastered and re-edited versions.
Click in the cover for the link.

¨The music isn´t only music, is nature, feelings, ideas,
revindications, a way of life…¨

Cover design by ¨Javi Alvedro¨.

[DD004] Lefrenk – The Sky (2011)

01. Lefrenk – Blue Sky (Re-Edit/Remaster)
02. Lefrenk – Red Sky (Re-Edit/Remaster)
03. Lefrenk – Yellow Sky (Re-Edit/Remaster)

Format: Digital
Released by: Deep Different
Release/catalogue number: DD004
Release date: 2011

Feb 13

¨Lefrenk - Labyrinth EP (2012)¨

Here a new release of old tracks in my Bandcamp.

These two tracks are a bit minimal or neotrance with a beautiful synths, minimal rhythm line and deep feelings, old tracks that i did some time ago.